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What can I offer you? 




Life coaching is about what I can do for you..

Happiness is a skill,we will look at living mindfully to make your goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations into a reality.

We all need coaching from time to time - emotional first aid right when you need it.

A good coach will support you using powerful tools & strategies helping you to move forward to a happier more peaceful place.



If you really want to see a quick change I have a new and updated for 2021 masterclass of tools, techniques, and strategies that will transform your life.


This a change in a day boot camp which incorporates positive psychology practices & mindfulness topped with a large dose of practical wisdom. This course will transform your thoughts & behaviours. You will be operating from the next level up in everything you do.


I would love you to experience this, the initial consultation is a free phone call, we can have a chat and make 2021 count. 





Free no obligation consultation.

My working hours are flexible. 


1 hour appointment is £45


Boot camp masterclass- please enquire


There are reduced rates available, please ask.

I know coaching changes peoples lives and I want as many people to benefit from it as possible.


'NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence' - Modern Psychology Magazine