Helen Morgan Coaching

Coach and NLP Practioner using Mindfulness and Positive Psychology 

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The benefit of life coaching is real-time feedback on our thoughts and behaviours, coaching will get you from where you are to where you want to be...


Whatever you need support with I can help you move forward to a happier more peaceful place - The truth is we could all benefit from some extra support from time to time...


I love what I do working with person-centered coaching, using mindfulness & positive psychology I will always have your best interests at heart.


I can help you with:


  • Reaching your goals - be it losing that anxiety & stress, or changing the way you think
  • Being confident & raising your self esteem
  • Creating your own happiness and the life you want...
  • Healing from the past and not feeling so low 
  • Improving your relationships with everyone around you
  • The art of selling yourself, your presence and personal impact 
  • Developing new successful habits, replacing the old habits that no longer serve you
  • Emotional Intelligence, the key to creating both personal and professional success.


I help teenagers with: anxiety, low self-esteem, exam stress, confidence, relationships. Helping them to close that gap between knowledge & success. It's wonderful to see teenagers flourish just as they should.


Prefer something instant?

What about a change in a day? A masterclass...

This includes tools, techniques, strategies & behaviours that will guarantee success and will help transform your life.

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